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Events and Projects

Translation project: representative German legal literature

At the institute the translation project "representative German legal literature" is being supervised. This translation project has run successfully for more than ten years. It serves Chinese lawyers that cannot read German legal literature in its original to have an access to german legal literature. Moreover, the traditionally important influence of German Law in China is strenghtend. The translation project is guided by German and Chinese lawyers and holds sessions yearly to resolve translation problems and choose the literature that should be translated. The translators have the opportunity to discuss the translation with the German authors in i.e. study stays in Germany for several months. The project is supported by the DAAD by travel scholarshops for the translators and other support. The translated books have found a big resonance among Chinese experts and partially had to be published repeatedly. 
  • winter semester 2012/13:
    • 3. German-Chinese Panel for Constitutional Dialogue - Constitution in relation to International Law and statutes, joint conference ot the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung and the Law School of CUPL, 15. September 2012, Download: Programm (pdf, in German)
  • winter semester 2011/2012:
    • German-Chinese Legal Dialouge - similarities and differences, joint conferences with GIZ Beijing, 22. September 2011, Download: Programm (pdf, in German)
  • winter semester 2012:

    • Gerhart Baum, federal minister: State of Law as a precondition for a harmonic society, 26. September 2012  

    • Prof. Dr. Hubert Stöckli, University of Freiburg, Switzerland: Introduction to Swiss Civil Law, 26. October 2012

  • summer semester 2012:

    • Dr. Birgit K. Posselt, GIZ, Beijing: main features of German Labour Law, 24. April 2012

    • Dr. Evelyn Henning, GIZ, Beijing: The technique of relation in German Civil Procedure, 25. April 2012, Download: Powerpoint / PDF(in German)

  • winter semester 2011/2012:

    • Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. rer. pol. Dr. h.c. Franz Jürgen Säcker, Free University of Belin: Main features of German and European Competition Law, 13. October 2011

  • summer semester 2011:

      • Prof. Dr. Klaus Ebermann, ambassador ret. and former leader of the EC delegation regarding China and Mongolia: Lisbon Treaty applied: where is the change? 23. March 2011

      • Att. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kuhla, Raue LLP, Berlin: regional und urban land use planning in Germany, 15. April 2011

      • Prof. Dr. Thomas Simon, University of Vienna: Introduction to Constitutional History in the Austrian Monarchy - especially compared to German Constitutional History, 20. April 2011

      • Prof. Dr. Ingwer Ebsen, Goethe-University Frankfurt: The legal status of migrant workers within the European Union, 28. April 2011 

      • Prof. Dr. Ralf Poscher, University of Freiburg: The Common Error in Theories of Adjudication, 15. June 2011

      • Dr. Florian Kessler, AHK Peking: Comparsion between the institutions of a German and a Chinese limited liabilities company,  22. June 2011

  • summer semester 2010:

      • Prof. Dr. Norbert Horn, University of Cologne: natural law, human rights and the harmony of legal systems, 20. April 2010

      • Dr. Evelyn Henning, GTZ, Beijing: The technique of relation in German Civil Procedure Law, 22. June 2010

  • winter semester 2009/2010:

      •  Prof. Dr. Felix Ekardt: The three constitutional courts in Europe and Germany, 15. September 2009, Download (in German) powerpoint und script

      • Frau Maarit Müller, GTZ, Beijing: Comparison of the social security systems in China and Germany, 14. January 2010


Political Consulting

The institute offers a platform for political consulting and works together with public institutions and administrations for this purpose. For instance, the institute organized a conference on societies and professional associations law in October 2008 together with the Chinese Ministry for Civil Affairs which was supported by the Heinrich-Böll foundation and the German Federal Ministry of Justice. At this conference six German referees participated, including two experts of the Federal Minstry of Justice and German professors of law.


Contact with Chinese and German institutions

The lecturers and students at the institute are in constant communication and exchange with Chinese and German institutions and facilities which are involved with the Chinese-German cooperation especially in the area of law. 

  • winter semester 2011/2012:

seminar by the Federal Ministry of Justice on "Law-making in the Federal Republic of Germany" for students of the institute, Berlin, 5. to 8. December 2011

  • summer semester 2011:

Dialogue with the ambassador of the Federal Republic of German with students of the institute on the development of law in China, Beijing, 8. June 2011

  • winter semester 2010/11:

seminar by the Federal Ministry of Justice on "Law-making in the Federal Republic of Germany" for students of the institute, Berlin, 29. November to 2. December 2010

  • summer semester 2010:

Dialogue with the ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany with students of the institute on the development of law in Cina, Beijing, 31. March 2010



  • Workshop on Public Law, 15. November 2011, Download: Programm (pdf, in German)

  • Workshop on arbitration, 18. Juni 2011, Download: Programm (pdf, in German)