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Master studies "Comparative Law" for Chinese students

In the course of a three-years masters programme, 30 Chinese students that mostly have their bachelor in law will be educated in the core areas of German Law - Civil Law, Public Law and Criminal Law including connections to European Law as well as fundamentals courses. Students will thus obtain a systematic introduction to the German system of law.
Students will be educated by Chinese lecturers in Chinese, German and International Law. Moreover, in the first year of studies an intensive language course in German will be offered. In the second year, students will visit guest lectures on German and European Law in German that are offered by the German guest lecturers and the German deputy director. In the third year, up to 20 students with outstanding language and academic skills have the opportunity to continue their studies at one of the cooperation universities. That way students are able to acquire both a German and a Chinese masters degree. The study abroad will be sponsored by sholarships of the DAAD and the Chinese University for Politics and Law.
Block lectures by German guest lecturers:
  • winter semester 2012/13

Prof. Dr. Martin Wassmer, University of Cologne: German Criminal Procedure Law, 19. to 23. November 2012

  • summer semester 2012
Dr. Vasco Ruess, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt: German Criminal Procedure Law, 9. to 20. April 2012
Dr. Eike Michael Frenzel, Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg: European Law, 28. Mai to 2. Juni 2012
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Att. Dr. Martin Seybold, LL.M., Peking: German Trade and Corporate Law, 11. to 13. June 2012
  • winter semester 2011/2012

Prof. Dr. Thomas Würtenberger, Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg: German Constitutional Law, 6. to 19. November 2011

Dr. Marc Sänger, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt: German Civil Law, 26. November to 10. December 2011

  • summer semester 2011
Prof. Dr. Ingwer Ebsen, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt: European Law, 18. to 29. April 2011
Dr. Vasco Reuss, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt: German Criminal Procedure Law, 19. to 26. May 2011
Att. Dr. Martin Seybold, LL.M. Eur, Peking: German Trade and Corporate Law, 1. to 10. June 2011
  • winter semester 2010/11
Prof. Dr. Peter Gilles, Frankfurt: German Civil Law, 9. to 19. November 2010
Prof. Dr. Otto Luchterhandt: German Constitutional Law, 6. to 22. December 2010
  • summer semester 2010
Dr. Eike Michael Frenzel, Freiburg: European Law, 8. to 20. April 2010,
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Prof. Dr. Ulfrid Neumann: German Criminal Procedure Law, 18. to 28. May 2010
Att. Dr. Martin Seybold, LL.M.Eur, Peking: German Trade and Corporate Law, 1. to 10. June 2010