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Vorlesung: Introduction to German Law

Rike Sinder, M.A. (Public Law); Dr. Julia Scherpe (Private Law)
  Termin: Do., 10 - 12 Uhr (english), Do., 12 - 14 Uhr (deutsch)
  Ort: KG III, HS 3118
  Beginn: Do., 20.10.2016


Zielgruppe: Erasmus and LL.M. students – This class is meant to give those Erasmus students an overview of German Law who (still) feel more comfortable to follow a lecture in English rather than in German.

The course is mandatory for LL.M. students.

Inhalt: The course is taught in English and German and will provide foreign students with an outline of German private law, the legal methodology and public law necessary to solve cases on beginner level. The course will cover the first three books of the German Civil Code (without family law and the law of succession), with an emphasis on the general part of the BGB and the law of obligations, as well as fundamental rights and constitutional law.

Credits will only be awarded to students who attend the Private and Public Law part of the lecture. Also, there will only be a combined written exam for both parts.